When the Cat Speaks

CoverDetaiBron Nicholls’ latest work is an intricately crafted novella that tells a gentle and moving tale of growing old alone in regional Australia.

Nell, in her seventy-ninth year, narrates the story of her past and her present as a thoughtful watching of the world, and participating in it on her own terms; continuing to learn from her day to day challenges. There is a plot, but it subtle, uncontrived. There is drama, but it is organic, marvellously mundane and, above all,  entirely real.  Bron Nicholls excels in a style of writing that makes us look again at the familiar. This work has the eloquent simplicity of Kent Haruf’s Our Souls At Night, coupled with the womanly psychological observations of an early Doris Lessing.BronMoll

Bron writes in terms that make this book suitable for any age group, and, because she captures the minutiae of ageing that society and media often prefer to ignore, this is a book that would make a marvellous study piece in schools.  For older readers, living alone, it is a must.

It is now available from Pomonal Publishing, or, for locals in the Grampians, from the Stawell Library’s new ‘local author’ shelf.




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2 responses to “When the Cat Speaks

  1. ganyu

    Well done Pomonal Publishing. Another little gem.

  2. lizroselee

    Wonderful! Looking forward to reading it.

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