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Pomonal Publishing

I have finally got the website proper up and running so that our authors and their works will have an on-line presence. PP doesn’t do much in the way of advertising our publications – no press, no festivals, no book signings – so this site and blog are the least I can do for those who have trusted us/me to carry their words, images and ideas out there, to a potential audience.

Now my big ambition is to upgrade my publishing software, probably to Adobe InDesign, though this too is changing and may not be around much longer.  At least not without a whole package of unwanted stuff on a Cloud – Don’t you just love the language of the current era?  If anyone reading this knows of a stand alone App that can layout pages as efficiently as InDesign and save to print quality PDF, please drop me a line.

As you will have gathered by now, Pomonal Publishing began as a hobby, but we hope to achieve excellence none the less.  (In a small way.)


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Debate Topic

DISCUSS:   The digital age has flooded the world with mediocrity. This generation of wanna-be writers has assumed their slightest musings to be worthy of public attention – with the result that important issues, exceptional talent, unique ideas and works of true literary quality are simply drowned out in this deluge of egocentric voices clambering for attention.

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