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Update: Dispersal & other poems

Just wish to update the publishing timeframe for Frances Holloway’s ‘Dispersal’. This will now be available 1st July (directly from our printer) rather than in April as previously promised.  Frances has submitted some of the poetry to a competition which restricts submissions to previously unpublished works, hence…etc.

We hope she wins, of course.

Work is progressing on the manuscript for Christopher Race’s ‘Still Life With Grandmother’, and I have to report that it takes my breath away.  So powerful and beautiful.

At this rate, I’m thinking PP should make poetry its specialty.  What d’ya think?  Anyone out there still reading the stuff?

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Writing & Publishing

As an older writer, adjusting to the constantly changing technology (not to mention: terms of reference) of the publishing world, I had been in the habit of saying, ‘times are changing’.  Willing to retrain myself, and then retrain myself again, to stay abreast of the new cultural scene.  But this morning it hit me that times were not simply changing, they had CHANGED!  The landscape and the terms of reference are so utterly different from the world I entered, when I left high school and home and headed for the big city to be a part of something.

I could be on another planet!

How this affects my writing, is something that is always on the fringe of my awareness.  And I’d like to hear how others of my generation are coping (tail-end of the Boomers, like the arrowhead, y’know?  What devils have on the ends of their tails, that’s us.)  And also, more importantly perhaps, I want to continue to read young writers, new and emerging writers telling me about this unfamiliar planet.

At the moment Pomonal Publishing is bent a little towards the writing of my generation (especially when publishing poets, because, as Frances Holloway asks on her blog: who reads poetry anymore?)  But good writing (good?) reaches across time and space, doesn’t it?  Any new young writers out there finding it difficult to get published, but serious about the art of writing?  I’d like to hear from you.

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This site

I confess I am having difficulty adapting to WordPress, so please bear with me.  I need to create an on-line presence for Pomonal Publishing, but I hear that the software I’ve been using [ iWeb ] will not be around much longer – so the gorgeous site I had designed will be impossible to update easily. I want information to get out sooner rather than later, so we’ll see how we go with this free space.

Please make allowances for clumsy design and faulty links while I’m getting the hang of things here at WordPress.


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